Coop Engineering, Inc. is the solution to your metal parts manufacturing needs. Consider us as your manufacturing resource partner with capabilities including tool & part designing, stamping & forming of flat and tubular materials, deep drawing, CNC laser, CNC punching & bending, custom tool & die making, CNC machining, and special machinery construction. Coop Engineering has over 50 years of experience producing manufactured goods for our customers in the aerospace, aircraft, automotive, motorcycle, air conditioning, furniture, shipbuilding, and heavy truck industries. Our name stands for excellence in design and engineering from prototype to production.

We are especially proud of designing and selling our own line of rotary draw bending tooling. Coop Engineering, Inc. holds multiple patents for exceptionally high quality wiper and bend die designs. We specialize in tight radius bending applications where minimum ovality and wall thickness are critical to the OEM and aftermarket industries. We offer tooling for all major domestic rotary draw bend machinery, as well as tooling for foreign built machinery.